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Vineria Ventidue

Primi piatti


Spaghetti alla vongole
Clams with garlic, white wine, pepperoncini and fresh parsley 
Allergens: wheat, egg, clams

Spaghetti alla carbonara
Classic Italian Carbonara, guanciale, egg yolk and parmigiano                       
Allergens: wheat, egg, milk

Ragü alla Bolognese di Cervo                 
A rich ragu of deer served with pappardelle pasta and whipped ricotta
Allergens: wheat, egg, milk

Pappardelle al profumo di bosco
Tagliatelle with porcini mushroom, truffle cream and finished with toasted breadcrumbes and fresh thymes 
Allergens: wheat, milk, egg

Risotto al Pomodoro  
Creamy carnaroli topped with roasted cherryt tomatoes and oregano         
Allergens: milk 

Risotto del Giorno 

All types of pasta can be made with gluten free spaghetti or pappardelle

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