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Vineria Ventidue


Vineria Ventidue  was started in May 2017, as a result of a somewhat romantic project initiated long before the restaurant was opened: the farm Casa Tancredi and a search for identity.

Sandro Parmeggiani, founder and main owner, explains:

- In October 2012 I fulfilled a dream that I´d carried for years; I bought a small farm (Casa Tancredi) in Lazio, Italy. The property is located in the middle of Italy, only an hour`s drive from fantastic Rome. I am proud of my Italian heritage, of beautiful Italy – with all its strengths and flaws – and naturally of my father, the artist Tancredi Parmeggiani. So, midways in life, after having lived most of it in Norway, I wanted to explore my country of birth. 

Casa Tancredi is a project that has been carried out with passion, due to a search for my Italian roots, to honour my father and last but not least because I met my dear Hanne. We have put in quite an effort into turning Casa Tancredi to the paradise it is today – both the land and the houses. We are now finally producing both an olive oil of high quality and a very decent red wine from Sangiovese and Merlot grapes.

Another reason for establishing the restaurant was that I have lived in the Frogner-area for almost 30 years, and I really love my neighbourhood. After we started with olive oil and wine production, we kept thinking about the lack of a cosy restaurant and wine bar in our area – preferably Italian of course! And a place we could eventually even sell our own products...  

The idea that the restaurant should be exactly where it is, came during one of many lunches at Osteklokken, a former café that used to be at the same spot. And why did we choose the name?  Well, “Vineria” means wine bar in Roman and “Ventidue” means 22 – the number of our street address.  

Since running a business alone is boring, I invited my wife Hanne, a lawyer, and our eminent Head Chef, Massimo, to participate on this exciting journey.  

Maria and Even Aas-Eng, a couple running their own successful businesses, also bought a small part of the restaurant in the autumn of 2018. They share our passion for good food and wine, live in the area as well and have been a great addition to the Vineria team.   

Andreas Larsen is our fabulous restaurant manager. He has more than 20 years of experience from the sector and came to Vineria Ventidue after running restaurant Cru successfully for many years.

Myself, I´m a very dedicated and rather operational chairman of the board!
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